About Anna Rey


Anna Rey has art in her blood and wanderlust in her heart. Born a fourth generation Californian to two artist parents, she spent most of her youth on a farm in British Columbia and the mountains of Colorado before making her way back to the West Coast in 2001, and the rocky mountains again in 2014. She graduated with a BFA in classical oil painting and dabbled in floral design and photography before diving into jewelry design and production in 2013. Her jewelry collection is inspired by the warm glow of the Western Sun, the vastness of the universe, the stillness of snow and the strength of tall granite mountains.
Anna Rey's studio and shop, Magpie, is located at 337 W. Pierpont in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a workspace for her jewelry line and art, and also serves as a showroom for her collection and other artists' work. You can contact her by email at hello@shop-magpie.com.
Avenue Boutique, Tucson, AZ
The Perish Trust, San Francisco, CA
Industrious Life, San Francisco, CA
Reliquary, San Francisco, CA
Marisa Mason, Oakland, CA
Vamp, Los Angeles, CA
YES, Los Angeles, CA
Michele Varian, New York, NY
Take Heart, Austin, TX
Bohem, Salt Lake City, UT
Le Monde Nallik, Berlin, Germany